LED Reading Lamp with Bladeless Touch Fan

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  • Sleek designed tall-stand desk lamp that breezes cool air from quiet bladeless fan
  • Glare-free super bright dimmer LED light for eye protection
  • Elegant gooseneck stand complimented by green and white lively color scheme
  • Intuitive touch control base, clean and smart
  • Includes YMETD-HSD9021B LED desk lamp, AC adapter, User Manual, Washable Air Filter.

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Greenfield presents the most creative yet practical smart LED table lamp. Just a touch away from the cooling breeze out of the quiet bladeless fan. Built-in air filter cleans up the air for you. Adjustable dimming light pleases your eyes while you are reading.

Lamp function: connect the adapter with a power socket, and then touch the power icon shortly to turn on the lamp, and touch it shortly again to turn off the lamp

Adjust the brightness of the lamp: long touch power icon when the lamp is on, the lamp can be dimmer or brighter.

Fan function: 3 levels for the fan speed, after plugging in the unit, short touch the fan icon on the panel for level 1 of the fan speed.

Fan speed adjustment: short touch the fan icon to achieve “level 1, 2, 3, and turn off the fan function circling; meantime, the brightness of the fan status indicator will vary with the current wind speed.



  1. Rated operating voltage:DC12V
  2. Applicative temperature: -10 — 50℃
  3. Rated power:≤10W
  4. Maximum fan speed: 10 CFM
  5. Touch key to control
  6. Fan status indicator
  7. Color temperature: 5500-6500K
  8. CRI: 80 RA
  9. Maximum illumination:>1000LUX(40cmdistance from LED light to desk top in vertical illumination)
  10. Minimum illumination:< 20LUX(40cmdistance from LED light to desk top in vertical illumination)


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